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Tips for Dads

To improve your relationship with your child(ren):

-Surprise your child with a fun activity. Suggest playing catch, a board game, hop scotch, shooting hoops, jump rope, etc.

-Notice, and tell them, when they do something you like or appreciate.  Focus on positive, not just negative behavior. Catch them being good.

-Be creative in giving encouragement or praise.  Don’t use the same phrase like “Good job” all of the time.  Mix it up: “terrific”, “way to go”, “I’m proud of you”…

-Go for a walk, talk about your day, tell a story or just listen to them.

-Ask for their help when you are fixing something, changing the oil, carpentry or other special chores.

-Offer to help them with a chore; dishes, raking, vacuuming…  But do it with them, not for them.

-Discuss and plan a special outing together.  Get their ideas and be open about your concerns; cost, scheduling conflicts, etc.

-Read together. Read to them when they are younger and with them when they are able.

-Wait!  Don’t react immediately to a situation requiring discipline.  Give yourself a few seconds to calm down and think about your response.

-Try to ignore “acting out” and other negative attention getting behavior.

Give them a HUG!!!

Prepared by:  Stan Dembouski

                      I.F.I. Board Member

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